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Angel Love Always Sandra Denise MolinaThe Love which resides within is a reminder of God’s intense love which created us. It is this very love which connects us to one another and it is by this love that we heal ourselves and others. Love is felt as the sun’s rays kiss the leaves upon the dawn or as they glisten upon the ripples in a gentle stream.  Love is also felt through the smile upon another’s face or a heartfelt embrace. The remarkable effects of such tenderness ignite the spirit from within…the Love and Light within each one of us.    ~Sandra Denise Molina

Sandra Denise Molina Angel Touch HealerSandra Denise Molina is an International Angel Touch Healer and Messenger. Using her gifts of guidance, healing touch, and prayer, Sandra provides physical balance, inspiration, and empowerment. Sandra has an MS in Biology and has studied with numerous well-known spiritual experts and mentors. She is a Certified Angel Messenger Practitioner, who also provides guidance and inspiration through Angelic readings. Based on a calling, Sandra left her teaching position in Laredo, TX to move to Asheville, NC to become a Healing Practitioner. Sandra is completely guided by her faith and motivated to always explore within in order to evolve to her highest being. She is dedicated to pursue her life in service to others, being compelled by the love and light within. With her purest intention, undying passion, and genuine love to help people heal, Sandra touches and transforms lives.

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June 2015: A Gift For Those Battling Cancer

Dad and I 2In memory of my loving father, my special hero and angel, who battled cancer a few years ago with unrelenting bravery and faith, I am reaching out during the month of June to individuals battling cancer in observance of Father’s Day.  I am gifting 40 one-hour angel touch healing sessions to individuals battling cancer. For more information, click here.

Something New! Special Event

July 6: Join Us LIVE on Skype and Receive Your Angelgram! 

                 Monday, July 6, at 7 – 8 pm EST

For information and to Book, Click here.

June 27: The Unstoppable Woman Conference 2015 in Raleigh Details here

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